About Us

We are a small Cape Town accounting, tax and process advisory business that provides services to small and medium size businesses.
Are your accountants and tax practitioners too large? Not receiving the personal service you need? Then we could provide the service and personal interaction you’re looking for.


We will process all of your accounting transactions and provide you with accurate figures and reports to manage your business. If you wish we will discuss these results with you and based on these results advise you accordingly.

Where you don’t require regular processing of your accounting transactions but rather just assistance in resolving a current problem or backlog, we can assist.

We calculate, complete and submit all of your statutory tax returns timeously. This includes income tax, VAT and payroll taxes.

We provide tax advice and assist you in declaring the minimum legal liability for tax purposes.


We currently provide services in numerous industries including
information technology, goods storage, security products, wine
retail and storage and medical services industry.
Business services provided include

1. business administration process consulting in order to ensure that your business processes are efficient and cost-effective
2. preparation of payroll taking into account all payroll legislation
3. valuation of businesses
4. role as independent chairperson of internal disciplinary hearing
5. registration and/or amendment of company and close corporation statutory records
6. trustees and/or administrators of trusts
7. advice regarding Companies Act and Close Corporation Act legislation